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Al Benalli


Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

Alfred B. Benalli holds licenses as a Licensed Alcohol Drug Addiction Counselor (LADAC) and Certified Alcohol Drug Addiction Counselor (CADAC), he is a US Army Veteran and Viet Nam Veteran. Al came into the field of substance abuse back in the day. His first position was Substance Abuse Counselor with Five Sandoval Indian Pueblo’s, Inc. His Director there was Dolores Martinez.


Al was involved in volunteer work here in To’Hajiilee in the 80’s, assisted with 12 step meetings, trainings, and the To’Hajiilee Community School Teen Center. Al attended many of the community wellness functions with his father, Roscoe Benalli, (Tachiinii).

Al’s duties at the To’Hajiilee Behavioral Health System (TBHS) include, Substance Use individual counseling, outreach, facilitates the Anger-management and Aftercare Relapse Prevention groups. Duties also include the Wednesday self-help support group at 11:30AM.

Al’s employment began with the TBHS on July 27, 2015. Al is an enrolled tribal member with the Pueblo of Jemez, Walatowa.

Lisa King, MA



Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shidine’é.  Shí éí Lisa King yinishyé.   T ł 'ááshchí'í nishłį́ dóó Bit'ahnii bashishchiin ei ya Kin ł ichii'nii dashicheii a dóó Honágháahnii da shinali.  Ákót’éego diné asdzáán nishłį́.  Albuquerque kééhasht’į́.  Window Rock déé’ naashá.

I have been with To’Hajiilee Behavioral Health System since 2013.   I worked for the Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral Health for over five years in the substance abuse field in youth, adolescent and adult intervention and treatment.  My interest began helping my people in 1992 at the Ft. Defiance IHS hospital as a family planning counselor. I have since expanded my experience, and education in the counseling field. 

I graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ earning my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology in May 1997.  I graduated from Western New Mexico University at the Gallup branch earning my Masters of Arts in Counseling in May 2007.  I became a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor with the State of New Mexico Counseling Therapy Practice Board since early 2010.  



Sarah Bitsui, AA


Prevention Outreach

Ms. Sarah Bitsui has a wide range of nearly 18 years of experience working with the To’Hajiilee Behavioral Health System (TBHS) with the Canoncito Band of Navajos Health Center, Inc.  Ms. Bitsui, an enrolled tribal member of the Navajo Nation, holds an Associate of Arts degree from the College of Ganado, Arizona, and a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies from University of New Mexico. She is a Navajo Cultural Specialist whose first language is Navajo and second language is English. She is trained in translating/interpreting medical terminology.  Her experience and expertise are integrating cultural issues into prevention strategies with attention to cultural sensitivity.

Ms. Bitsui has worked within the substance abuse program, outreach prevention, and in an administrative capacity. With extensive experience in case management efforts overseeing the annual Indian Health Service grant-master contract, federal grants from SAMHSA, MSPI grants, and MOUs with contractors conducting alternative health services for the community. She works directly with local resources, and collaborates with outside entities including federal grantees and the NM Health Services Department in health promotion projects.  She has assisted and conducted community needs assessments and health related research projects.

Ms. Bitsui’s main focus is to support and preserve the youth and family unit as a foundation for the success of a healthy lifestyle. She collaborates with different outreach resource programs in providing education to increase the communities understanding of substance use disorder, behavior change, and healthy coping skills.  She has focused much of her efforts on prevention projects by integrating cultural perspectives.

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