Welcome to a vision of a healthier community. We are pleased to be serving To'Hajiilee & the surrounding Native American communities.

Upcoming Community Events:

Christmas Artisan/Craft Fair - Sponsored By CBNHC

Thursday December 16th @ 11am - 3pm

Where: To'Hajiilee Behavioral Health Parking Lot

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Warm Apparel Giveaway Walk

Thursday December 16th @ 10am - 12pm

Where: To'Hajiilee Walking Trail


Ugly Sweater Christmas Walk

Monday December 20th @ 10am - 12pm

Where: To'Hajiilee Walking Trail

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Latest Clinic News:



Optometry Clinic and Audiology Clinic are Back Open !

Call clinic for more information.


Great News To'Hajiilee Community!

Covid Vaccines Are Available Daily to Navajo Nation Tribal Members:

      Pfizer: Ages 12 and Older

      Moderna: 18 and Older

Please call (505) 908-2307 ext. 238 or 138 for More Information

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Covid-19 Testing Hours are now 1pm - 3:30pm Monday - Friday

For more information about Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), or if you feel you need to be triaged by a healthcare professional.

Please call (505) 908-2307 ext. 238 or 138


The CBNHC January 2020 Newsletter is available.

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About Our Organization
Canoncito Health Clinic exercised P.L. 93-638 (Public Law 638) in July 2016 authorizing Canoncito Band of Navajos Health Center (CBN Health Center), a Tribal Organization, to contract and self-govern the day to day operations of health services and programs offered through a Title 1 Contract with Health and Human Services.  CBN Health Center offers comprehensive primary care, including Dental, Pharmacy, Optometry, Podiatry, Audiology along with our Diabetes Program, Behavioral Health Program and Community Health Representatives to offer public health care throughout the To’Hajiilee Community.

Our Health Center is expanding and this will provide a “Patient Centered Medical Home” facility all under one roof!  This means that an entire team works together to provide the best possible care, and you are the head of the team! We are dedicated to building trust, continuity of care and providing compassionate and superior health care in a timely manner. We are here for you, so please  schedule your next appointment now!

 Covid-19 Vaccine and Testing Available Daily - Health & Safety Tips