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As of July 2016, we became a "638" clinic, which means we withdrew out money from IHS, and the clinic is now governed by the Canoncito Health Board and other local officials, with input from tribal members. In response to patient feedback, we have already expanded services to include psychiatry, ultrasound, complete women's health care, diabetes shoes, and pediatric care
Our goal is to make Canoncito Health Center a "patient centered medical home." This means that an entire team works together to provide the best possible care, and you are the head of the team! We are dedicated to building trust, and providing compassionate and superior helath care in a timely manner. We are here for you, so please let us know how we are doing!
Latest Clinic News:


From the Desk of Maria Clark, CEO

Augest, 2019


We are at the close of our fiscal year which ends September 30th. October 1st starts a new fiscal year for us in terms of budget and operations. We've had a very busy and successful "Year Three" of being a full Title I 638 corporation. The CBN/TNS Chapter approved renewing the contract with IHS for another year. It was a very busy year for the CBNHC Health Board member in approving budgets, major building repairs, vehicle purchases, several contracts, amending and approving personnel and finance policies and procedures, attending national health conferences, etc.

We have increased our CBNHC staff levels from 16 beginning July 2016 to 42 employees in September 2019. Our efforts have been focused on increased community outreach and awareness of our services that include increased home visits, outreach and education, and traditional services, to give you a few examples. We hope to hear soon on the status of our USDA loan for the clinic expansion. This will alleviate our space issues. Our revenues from health insurances increased from $2.4 million to $3.2 million this year. This revenue is crucial in maintaining current operations as well as gives us the ability to expand services. For the upcoming year, our goal will be to continue to increase access to quality health care services here at CBNHC, Inc.


Ahe’hee’. Maria K. Clark

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