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Dine' Traditional Practitioner Services

Years before Native people had contact with Western civilization, Navajo/Dine' have practiced their ceremonies using prayer, chant, song and their traditional instruments including herbal medicine. Services are for re-connecting a person to restore their balance, harmony and spiritually through Ho’zho.  The Canoncito Band of Navajos Health Center, Inc. (CBNHC) acknowledges and respects the Dine’ Traditional Practitioner/Dine’Hataalii services as a practice for a primary source of healing to restore balance and harmony for Ho’zho.

Currently, the CBNHC maintains a working alliance with the Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral and Mental Health Services (NNDBMHS) staff Traditional Practitioners in Crown Point, NM.  Initial visits are for the sole purpose of the diagnostic interview in the hogan at Crown Point.  All following appointments with the Traditional Practitioner will be in the patient’s home.  Patients may be accompanied with a chaperone for Dine’ Traditional Practitioner visit.  The practitioner may appoint a staff as a chaperone in addition to the personal chaperone.  Patients who request the services to be provided in the Native American Church (NAC) way services can be provided also by NNDBMHS and by the NAC of To’Hajiilee.

Navajo Sweat Lodge (NSL) is located at the South end of the TBHS office in the fenced area. Scheduled times for sweat in the near future at TBHS will begin in late March 2019. Currently, a male sweat schedule is being planned with a female sweat schedule in the following months.

Navajo Traditional & Cultural Education is currently provided by the TBHS Outreach Prevention Coordinator at the To’Hajiilee Community School (TCS), the To’Hajiilee Chapter House (TCH) and the To’Hajiilee Senior Center (TSC) with future sessions to begin also by the Traditional Practitioner from NNDBMHS.


For Scheduling intake call Lisa King or Dr. Roberto Montes at (505) 908-2571.

Appointments are scheduled for Crown Point, NM on Fridays usually taking all day from leaving at 7:00AM and arriving back at TBHS by 3:30PM.


Contact Information

Reach Us At:

Main: 505-908-2571

Fax: 505-908-2572

Located At:

96 Medicine Horse Dr.

To'Hajiilee, NM 87026

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